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What Makes the Nest Thermostat so Special

Although modern thermostats are programmable, a smart unit can do more than just helping you save money on energy. And the Nest thermostat uses a smart technology that even “learns.”

What makes it special?

Regular units let you adjust its temperature in your home through a control panel. A programmable unit, on the other hand, will let you set your entire house’s temperature and change it according to the time of day.

This Nest review tells you it is so smart that it can learn your behaviour. For instance, if you always set a certain temperature for that particular time of day, it learns the pattern and automatically adjusts the temperature for you.

Apart from that, this unit allows you to control the temperature in your house remotely. This means that you can tweak it even when you’re in Paris or Canada, it’s all made possible through a smart phone configured to communicate with your thermostat.

It also shows your house’s energy consumption. Although a regular unit can also show it for you, the Nest technology shows you real-time information.

Unfortunately, this type of unit isn’t as affordable as the regular ones. Even though you can get one at $200, you may need to hire a professional to install it for you, which can add up to the overall cost.

Will it help you save money?

It depends on various factors. Generally, it will but it may take a long time for you to realize it.

Thus, if you hate adjusting your unit each time you leave and get home, it’s truly worth investing in a Nest thermostat.

Should You Go Single or Dual Zone with your Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is an ideal investment for every wine lover, as you won’t only enjoy watching your collection displayed prominently in your kitchen but you can also preserve its flavor. When shopping for this unit, you may encounter a single cooling or a dual zone unit.

What’s a dual zone?

It’s a type of a cooling unit for wines. You don’t have to dive right in with this unit if you’re only interested in whites or reds. However, if you like to keep both your red and white wines, you’ll probably need to invest in a more expensive wine cooler, i.e. dual zone.

A dual zone cooling unit is also ideal if you always make lots of different meals or if your collection is growing, and of course you’ll also need it if you own a business that includes selling wines. The better restaurants always have one.

But because collecting wine can be a bit complicated, you may need to look into the features of a dual zone unit. Keep in mind that some red wines require a certain temperature while others need another. Thus, a dual zone can be of great use.

Should you settle for a single unit?

Marlene from Cooling Wine told us you should start with a single unit if you’re a novice collector. When you're new in the wine hobby field you might want to begin with a simple collection so you won’t end up wasting significant amounts of money on wines. The simpler models can also offer you adequate features for your collection.

With a single chiller, you can cool the wines at the right temperature. A single zone cooling is what you need if you’re not collecting wines or you’re just a drinker of this beverage.

And for obvious reasons, this type of unit is more preferred if you have limited budget, it’s a cheaper option than its dual zone counterpart. But there are single units with prices that go beyond the rates of a dual zone unit, so choose wisely.

The Different Foods you can Cook with Your Toaster Oven

You only bought your toaster oven to toast bread, didn’t you? Well, that’s actually the main reason of most owners of this cooking appliance, but although this appliance is indeed designed to toast bread, there are many things that you can make using it. In fact, you can treat it like a compact oven that you can use the same was as you use a traditional oven.

Dehydrating fruit

Who would have thought that this appliance can do that? Dehydrating any fruits can be done with the use of this unit.

Do you want to make bread?

Use your toaster oven, it’s actually pretty easy to do. I could go into detail, but reading this 4/6 slice toaster oven review will help you further than I could.

Why opt for it?

Toaster oven is small in size. So, it only needs a little amount of space in your kitchen. In addition to that, this oven utilizes less energy than your conventional oven. Thus, you can reduce your energy bills when you choose to use it.

Is it possible to roast a chicken?

Yes, it is. However, you may need a bigger size toaster oven for it. You’ll also need a unit with a “roasting” function.

How about baking a cake?

It is possible, but it still depends on the features of your oven. Does it have a baking function? If it does, then you can bake your favorite cake using it. Although there are adjustments in the temperature and other settings, it’s safe and easy to bake a cake with a toaster oven. And it doesn’t have to be the most expensive unit on the market.

Can you cook bacon in it?

The normal way to cook bacon is through a frying pan with oil, but many people have tried cooking this type of food using their toaster oven and they love the result. What they did is to utilize a sheet of clean aluminum foil. Cover the top part of the tray and preheat the oven. Place the bacon onto the tray and cook it. It sounds odd to cook your favorite bacon this way. But it’s actually the best way to cook it as it’s clean and very easy to do. No more mess.


When you do cook all those things we’ve mentioned using this oven, you’ll need to read your owner’s manual first. There are some models of toaster oven that don’t allow cooking of bacon or baking a cake. So, make sure that your unit is capable of doing the method of cooking that you wish to perform.

Why Should I Wear a Fitness Tracker?

Fitness TrackerA wearable fitness tracker is all the rage these days. Celebrities and regular people can’t go out of their houses without this tracker on their arms when they’re heading to the gym.

There are so many brands out there that you can choose from, so I'd suggest going to a website with plenty fitness tracker reviews. Most of these trackers are slim with minimalistic design.

What can it track?

As the term suggests, this device can track your fitness activity level, such as distance traveled, calories burned, etc. You can even find a unit that can monitor your sleep. It has settings that allow you to program the unit to help you know whether or not you’re hitting your goals.

Some advanced units can vibrate to wake you up when it’s time for you to jog or walk. It can sync to your other devices when there’s a close range Bluetooth-enabled device. These units can be plugged into your computer so you can sync your stats to your mobile devices, like iPhone, Android-based phones, etc.

The most common goal of a fitness tracker is to help you achieve your goal. Since you’ll be wearing it on your sweaty arms, this device is water-resistant. But you can also opt for a unit that’s waterproof so you can wear it while swimming.

Ways to Make Sure Your Air Mattress Will Last for Long

AAir Mattressn air mattress has become a common mattress in many type of homes. As the technology improves, the quality of this bed has also improved allowing it to provide more comfort to the sleeper.

Because of its affordability, more and more people are opting for this type of bed over the regular ones. Keep in mind that this type of bed isn’t just a bed for camping trips or a bed for guests who’ll be staying with you for a few days.

Although this type of bed is of high quality, it’s still essential that you apply preventive measures to make sure that it can last for many years.

Use it regularly

You should use your air mattress on a regular basis. Most of the time, owners of this type of bed store it in their garage or basement. If you do that, you might forget owning one. Thus, it’s best to keep it handy and store it in your closet. The trunk of your car is also a great place to store it.

Put a mattress topper

Although this type of bed offers support to your back, it’s still stiffer than a regular mattress. Thus, it’s ideal that you put a foam mattress topper to make sure that you’ll have better, greater sleep. To make it more comfortable at night, opt to use a memory foam mattress topper. It may be more expensive than a regular topper, but it’s worth an investment considering its benefits to your back.

Re-inflate it

The more expensive and high-quality air mattresses you can find on or can last for years as they’re made of durable materials. With it, you don’t need to worry about a puncture. However, after a few days of using it, it will begin to sag. This is normal as the material stretches and the bed experiences air loss. Thus, it’s always a good idea to re-inflate it to keep its firmness. Pump air into it every week. You may also re-inflate it every few days to avoid it from sagging.

No matter what type of air mattress you’re going to use, it’s always essential that you maintain it in good condition. In this way, it will last for many years.