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What Makes the Nest Thermostat so Special

Although modern thermostats are programmable, a smart unit can do more than just helping you save money on energy. And the Nest thermostat uses a smart technology that even “learns.”

What makes it special?

Regular units let you adjust its temperature in your home through a control panel. A programmable unit, on the other hand, will let you set your entire house’s temperature and change it according to the time of day.

This Nest review tells you it is so smart that it can learn your behaviour. For instance, if you always set a certain temperature for that particular time of day, it learns the pattern and automatically adjusts the temperature for you.

Apart from that, this unit allows you to control the temperature in your house remotely. This means that you can tweak it even when you’re in Paris or Canada, it’s all made possible through a smart phone configured to communicate with your thermostat.

It also shows your house’s energy consumption. Although a regular unit can also show it for you, the Nest technology shows you real-time information.

Unfortunately, this type of unit isn’t as affordable as the regular ones. Even though you can get one at $200, you may need to hire a professional to install it for you, which can add up to the overall cost.

Will it help you save money?

It depends on various factors. Generally, it will but it may take a long time for you to realize it.

Thus, if you hate adjusting your unit each time you leave and get home, it’s truly worth investing in a Nest thermostat.

Should You Go Single or Dual Zone with your Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is an ideal investment for every wine lover, as you won’t only enjoy watching your collection displayed prominently in your kitchen but you can also preserve its flavor. When shopping for this unit, you may encounter a single cooling or a dual zone unit.

What’s a dual zone?

It’s a type of a cooling unit for wines. You don’t have to dive right in with this unit if you’re only interested in whites or reds. However, if you like to keep both your red and white wines, you’ll probably need to invest in a more expensive wine cooler, i.e. dual zone.

A dual zone cooling unit is also ideal if you always make lots of different meals or if your collection is growing, and of course you’ll also need it if you own a business that includes selling wines. The better restaurants always have one.

But because collecting wine can be a bit complicated, you may need to look into the features of a dual zone unit. Keep in mind that some red wines require a certain temperature while others need another. Thus, a dual zone can be of great use.

Should you settle for a single unit?

Marlene from Cooling Wine told us you should start with a single unit if you’re a novice collector. When you're new in the wine hobby field you might want to begin with a simple collection so you won’t end up wasting significant amounts of money on wines. The simpler models can also offer you adequate features for your collection.

With a single chiller, you can cool the wines at the right temperature. A single zone cooling is what you need if you’re not collecting wines or you’re just a drinker of this beverage.

And for obvious reasons, this type of unit is more preferred if you have limited budget, it’s a cheaper option than its dual zone counterpart. But there are single units with prices that go beyond the rates of a dual zone unit, so choose wisely.